Friday, July 7, 2017

We Are Crazy People

        It is currently 74 degrees in the afternoon.  Warmest it's been all day.  This morning would have been perfect for picking blueberries, but we went to the pool instead.  And it was cold.

        The water itself wasn't so bad, but if there were wet parts not in the water but on top of the water when a breeze would blow through, well, it sent a chill all over.  We had one guy in the pool with a wet tee that was cold.  I don't recall being in the pool the entire time when the sun hasn't come out and made us forget that it had been overcast.

        Jenna's only reason for going with me today was to go on the slide.  I told her that the lifeguards will turn it on for us on Fridays.  Today was an exception as Tuesday was a holiday and the pool had been closed - those who have swim classes were told to come today to make up for Tuesday.  The slide wasn't available for that reason. 

        I doubt the kids would have cared this morning, for it was cold and they were already complaining that they didn't want to get wet.  Jenna was disappointed.

        We stopped off at the laundry mat to do a load of whites.  The sun did not make an appearance until after I had hung up the few things that hadn't dried at the laundry mat.  I now need to fold clothes.  I also promised Jenna that I would take her back to the pool for open swim.  I will take her to the park afterwards.  Again, the thoughts that I would really like to post, are put on the back burner - though I suppose I could take my laptop with me and try sorting my thoughts right now . . . . I don't know how long the juice will last.  Perhaps I will  charge it right now while I'm thinking about it.

        We will return to the blueberry patch tomorrow.  Roland will be driving and picking this time.  I hope tomorrow morning may be in the low temperatures as today with a cool breeze to assist our comfort.

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