Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Hardest Part is Not Being There

                Uncle Ted passed away yesterday.  He and Trudy were our eldest living relatives (here). This year Uncle Ted celebrated 100 years of life.  His goal was living to 105.  Now Trudy survives alone.  She is a lot more frail than the last time I saw her.  Her health has declined since we have moved to Oregon.  My cousin has scheduled different family members to rally around the clock so that someone has been with Ted and Trudy at all times.  I wasn't there to assist.  And now Ted is gone.  I cannot even get back for the funeral. 

            We overspent when we went back to Utah to attend Jeanie's funeral and show our support to Biff.  We've also had the demolition of our house, but not a full restoration  and so it probably wouldn't be wise to leave it unattended.   Even if we could afford it, I doubt we would go.  My body has decided that it no longer wants to travel (even though my mind would like to)

            Myrtle Creek Festival starts today and Jenna and I have been assigned to man the booth between 4 and 6.  That will leave us time to attend the pre-solar party in Riddle today.  Hey, maybe this is the year we will actually be able to view sky.  Every other time we have tried to view whatever sky event was taking place, it was always overcast and the clouds were in the way of whatever spectacular view we were supposed to see.

            Good-bye, Uncle Ted, have a great reunion with all of those whom you outlived!

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