Wednesday, July 26, 2017

It's a Slow Process but We're Getting There

            There was a magic show last night in Riddle but I missed it as I had told one of the girls that I would fill in for her at the library.  She hadn't been feeling well for a few days and my schooling is not as demanding when I have only one class.

            Last night I worked my first shift at the library.  I felt bad for not having received proper training or retaining those few things which I had learned.  I really think we ought to have a training session and will mention at our next meeting.  As of now, we are using cards and pockets as was done before computers.  Everything is filed by date - which presents a challenge when the book is returned without a date - or a pocket for that matter.  I think some books just get put in the drop when users have finished looking at them in the library, but had never been checked out, just returned.

            Somebody decided it would be a good idea to transfer the information to excel and look the information up that way - still we are finding that there are more steps involved than I think are necessary.  I know how to alphabetize excel so that it will work for me rather by date, title, client, or whatever . . . I'm just afraid it may be too overwhelming for some of those that I work with who may not even be familiar with how to turn a computer on - let alone be familiar with the programs.

            Starting tomorrow through Saturday is the Myrtle Creek Festival.  They have it every year about this time.  I think their official holiday is either the 24th or the 25th.  Jenna and I will be working two or three shifts this weekend.  The library will offer a game and rock painting - I'm thinking in two different booths.  I suppose I will learn more about it tomorrow.

            We had planned to walk in the parade on Saturday morning, but don't feel like we have enough support as we did on June 17th.   There is only 30 minutes between the time the parade ends to have the booth set up and ready to go.  It's a good walk from the school to the park.  Can't drive while the parade is going on.  Since we won't be in it, I don't know if we'll even make the parade this year or not.  We didn't go last year.

            It felt busy to me with book returns and patrons dropping by to either check out books or inquire about our existence.  There were a few who didn't seem to know that the library had ever existed in this town - some who were not aware that the library had ever closed and some who are not aware that everything is now volunteer run and we are still learning and trying to work out the bugs.

            Yesterday the pool area was decorated for Christmas in July -- which has nothing to do with the library. The pool is located near the library and some of our patrons had stopped in on their way to the pool or on their return.  I took these yesterday morning.

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