Monday, March 13, 2017

Assorted Thoughts on blog, school and blossoms

        I notice my brother has not posted to his blog for over a year now.  My niece seems to gradually be returning to her blog.  She has created seven posts called “Define your Dash”.  It appears as though she has reached into a journal jar and writes on whatever subject she’s been given – although in her Dash#1 she explained in better detail what she’s doing.  She also uses actual names unlike Corey and me.

        I’ve obviously slipped at posting myself, and my reading has been even more pathetic.  I have so much to catch up on.  It’s just a matter of prioritizing.  This will be my last week of the two accounting classes I'm currently taking.  I have only one assessment and discussion for my favorite class.  I have a normal week for the class I don’t like.

        I have another comparison I have made for the relationship between me and the instructor.  Have you ever watched a Peanuts cartoon and the focus is always on the childish characters and you never actually see the adult?  And when an adult does talk there is only sound but no formed words?  That is what my instructor sounds like to me.  I’ve decided that I’m not alone.

        I mentioned that there are two students who are in both of my classes.  One is a returned missionary I’m guessing in his early 20’s.  He’s been in a few of my other classes before.  He is going for his bachelor’s in forensic accounting.  Dare to dream.

        The other, I'm guessing, is an woman - possibly around my age.  That is basically all I know about her.  Except for she posted her phone number on my discussion coast addressed to me.  Could I call her and help her with the assignment?  I don’t know why she singled me out – unless it is because I am in both classes and I have been to the live lectures (when the instructor calls us by name, other students can figure out who attended the live session)

        My grades in that class are not the greatest though are better than my current understanding.  I have been on the President’s List ever since my first two classes, but my understanding of Acct 213 has robbed me of making the President’s List for the next five or six months (however often they are sent)

        It was late when I received her message – well, maybe not so late my time, but I didn’t even know what state she was in; it appears to be on eastern time and landline.  At this point I don’t know what kind of grades she gets.  But I feel her frustration.  I wish I could get a hold of her to see how she’s doing.  Her line was busy when I tried to call on Friday morning.

        Jenna was home from school and I took her to parent/teacher conference.  She showed me the memorabilia that hang the walls of the hall –

tribute continues for Nick and Andrew.  The students released hundreds of balloons into the sky and left daffodils at the flagpole.

I tried calling my unknown classmate a couple of times but her line was busy.  I couldn’t even leave a message for her.  I hoped that she was receiving help from another.   

        Jenna and I ran several errands.  It was such an awesomely beautiful day.  After months of rain, there was sunshine.  Just that day.  I came home and finished my last assessment.  I wish it had been the final.   

          On Saturday, Savannah came over and spent some time with Jenna. Roland took them to the movies and brought them back to hang out.  I spend some time with him before he went into his office to study.  I took advantage to create a few posts. 

             Yesterday I noticed the pink and white blossoms gracing several trees between our house and the church.  Last year the flowers were blooming in February - which the residents said was unusual.  This year was quite different from last.

            I tried contacting my classmate again.  Now my phone insists that it is not even a working number.  What?


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